Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bye Gimma!

Dec 2 2005 was a sad day for our family. The day did not go well from the morning. Had to attend a Personal Finance Launch at Hilton Sentral in the morning. Immediately after the event, rushed to DSH as had a 'leak scare'. Luckily the dr confirmed that everything was ok. Did a scan and saw the little one kicking away. Dr even postponed my next appointment to New Years eve! Yippee, get a longer holiday for Christmas.

In the afternoon, DH called to inform that my grandmother, GIMMA (Harvynna's great, grandmother had passed away). Was a strange coincidence, she passed away while I was driving back from the hospital and was thinking about her.

Harvynna only met GIMMA a couple of times, though she came to the hospital the day Harvynna was born and was proud to inform the dr that she was the great grandmother! GIMMA was a very robust, energetic lady. She was a very young grandmother to my brother and I and used to take us out and buy us lots of pressies! As a kid, we used to love coming to KL to our grandparents place as it was a real holiday for us. GIMMA grew very frail towards the end. Its a shame that she will miss her grandson's upcoming wedding and the birth of her new great grandchild next year. Nevertheless, she led a full life and was surrounded by family and friends.

We took Harvynna for the prayers at night and she went to Gimma's photograph and said, 'Bye Gimma'

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