Thursday, December 29, 2005

Visit to A Famosa Animal Park

Since it was the long holidays and we did not go away on any holidays, we decided to take Harvynna to the Animal Park at A Famosa Resort Melaka since we were in Melaka and would be a good opportunity to see the place. Sad to say, I have never been there despite having Melaka as my hometown. We left on Boxing day hoping that there will not be so many people. Unfortunately, it was as crowded as hell. Probably everyone had the same idea as us. We only ventured to the Animal Park as that alone would take a couple of hours. Besides, it was sizzling hot - felt like the hottest day on earth! We went through the scenic route instead of the highway since my dad knew some shortcut.

When we arrived, there was a queue going to the Animal farm and we had to park so far away and walk. As we went in, there was this big elephant that scared Harvynna. We were planning on taking the photo with the tigers. They had this huge tiger that was lying on his back and a little tiger. The huge tiger was scary. What happens if he decided to maul us? haha - so we chose the little tiger which was not as scary - kinda of cute actually. But I was still afraid - never trust a tiger! The photography session is quite expensive - it costs Rm21 for 3 people and Rm35 for 4 or more and its for a measly 4R size.They gave us a milk bottle to feed the tiger. I held Harvynna and DH held the tiger - no way I was going to hold it. Harvynna thought the tiger had stolen her milk bottle and tried grabbing the bottle from it. Think she was quite pissed off with the tiger. The pic came out quite well.

Then we proceeded to the safari. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to go because there was this big signage that pregnant women and those with weak hearts should not go. I was disappointed, after all how scary can a safari be? Anyway, better safe than sorry. Apparently, it was a very bumpy ride.

We went to look at all the other animals. Harvynna recognized most of the animals from her books, but was afraid to go near them. The cowboy show was quite boring - maybe because it was scorching hot so we could not really enjoy the show. The animal show was fun and Harvynna enjoyed it. Once they brought out the Albino python and Iguana and brought it to the audience, I decided it was time to go. Plus, it was already 3pm and way passed Harvynnas nap time.

Overall, it was a fun, hot day and most importantly, Harvynna had a good time.


Lazymama said...

We have visited A-Famosa too last 2 weeks. The safari ride wasn't adventourous at all but the ride was quite bumpy.

We couldn't enjoy the animal show coz my girl wasn't able to sit still.

jazzmint said...

a great family outing for all of u :). But sounds like most of the time also crowded huh...

yudishtra said...

you got a lot of time to this blog my god