Friday, March 23, 2007

I am almost 1 - 11 months to be exact!

  • P/s – this post was written by Rowena

    Woo hoo – I turn 11 months old on Monday. Just 1 more month and I will be a toddler. I wonder if that will be better or worse. I can see mummy and daddy scolding Harvynna if she does not do something right, while I can get away doing the same thing when I give them the Puss n’ Boots (Schrek 2) look.

    At 11 months, I can take 4-5 steps on my own, though I prefer to walk on my knees.
    I am 11 kg – yup that’s overweight but everyone seems to think that chubby babies are cute
    I babble a lot but mummy seems to understand what I want. I also love talking to myself.
    I can point to mummy’s nose if prompted.
    I am an eating machine – I eat anything and everything and demand that everyone shares their food with me or I will SCREAM and bring the house down.
    My hair has grown so I am starting to look like a girl.
    I adore my sister to bits – everything she does seems funny and smart
    I can say bye bye
    I have a skin problem - but what the heck – I still look cute anyway. Mummy keeps trying all sorts of soaps and creams like Eubos, Oilatheum, Acqueous bla bla bla. Some smell good and some smell really bad.
    I have a bad case of seperation anxiety but that’s my way of telling mummy, I love her.
    I love to dance and have grown a liking to that big fat ugly purple dinasour on tv. And hurray - mummy is signing me up for Musikgarten with Aunty Pearly.
    I would rather chew books than sit down and read them
    I am slowly able to play with shape sorters but have to be guided
    All in all, I think I am doing well and am really looking forward to my birthday party and receiving more presents. I am tired of getting Harvynna’s second hand stuff.

Bye bye


IMMomsDaughter said...

I know you said she's 11kg & overweight but I just have a thing for chubby babies *pinch pinch* Geramnyaaaa

huisia said...

No wonder she is so chubby la...
Happy 11 months old and aunty huisia wish you can receive banyak banyak hadiah during your big day!

jazzmint said...

are u sure the first pic is rowena...that pic totally 100% like haryvnna lahh...time flies huh...

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Happy 11th month Rowena. You are sooooo cute. In 1 more month, you will no longer be a baby but a big girl :D

Malaika's mummy said...

Happy 11th month Rowena.

Yea, going to be 1 soon.

She is so cute. *pinch pinch*

mom2ashley said...

so fast ya!? one more month and she will be 1 year old!

Etcetera~Mommy said...

11 kg??? Wowow.. she is by far the heaviest 11 month old baby la..:P

Happy 11 months Rowena!!

Nadia said...

11kg??? Irfan's only 10.5kg. And I'm having trouble carrying him around. How do you carry her? Hehe..

I love the picture of her waving bye bye. Soooo adorable! Can I pinch her cheeks? Pretty please? Hehehehe..

Happy 11 months lil' girl! I'm sure your mommy is going nuts preparing your party. ;)

chanelwong said...

aiyo..going to be 1 year old and I havent see her face to face...chubby....cutie

Zara's Mama said...

Going to turn 1 soon?? So fast!!

HOw nice that she adores her sister.. I hope Zaria will too with all the bullying she gets from Zara.

Vien said...

rina oh rina, you've been tagged.