Monday, March 05, 2007

Baby Asha is born

We went to visit baby Asha over the weekend. Baby Asha Elizabeth Bergin is the bundle of joy of our good friends Brendan and Ammetta. Finally, after being overdue, baby Asha was born on 3 March 07. Harvynna was really excited to visit Asha and has been talking about her for a while. She was so disappointed when she woke up and it was raining. She asked me - 'Its raining, so how? '

I asked her ' so how what?' and she replied 'how to see Asha'?

After we came back from the hospital, Harvynna asked me,' Why Aunty Ameeta does not want to wake up? and I had to explain to her that she the dr just took baby Asha out so Aunty Ameta is tired. Then she asked, 'Why aunty Ameeta got button on her hand?' - she was referring to the thing for the drip.

Rowena just stared at Asha with her usual stoned look! So now, at least my girls will have a friend whenever we go out with Uncle Brendan and Aunty Ammetta.


Sasha said...

asha...sasha...hehe like same same only.
I just like it when children ask direct and cute.

jazzmint said...

oo congrats to your fren..or relative?

that's a nice long name :).

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Always love to see little newborns. They are sooo innocent and cute. Congrats to your fren. :D

Jesslyn said...

Nice name!
eh, i love to see your girls' eyes lar, so big and pretty! *geram*

Nadia said...

Nice name! Hehe. Congrats to your friend. =)

Btw, you've been tagged! ;)