Friday, April 13, 2007

A hectic weekend and more birthdays

Harvynna turned 3 yesterday. It was a quiet but memorable occasion as we will be having a party on 28 April together with Rowena. I took her to Megakidz, Mid Valley and she had a great time. I think I was more tired than her.

As we are having an OD of cake this month, we just had a cupcake as a symbol of blowing the candle and she got to open her Dora talking Dollhouse birthday present yesterday, which got her really excited. So we will open the rest of the presents during the weekend.

The weekend was really hectic as Daddy’s birthday was on the 9th but I had to attend a company function on that day, so we celebrated it on Sunday. We invited Aunty Ametta Uncle Brendan, and baby Asha for dinner to the house since Asha is still brand new - so no outside germs (which is quite an irony since she spends the whole day in the gym with sweaty people!!) Daddy cooked dinner (hehe, cooked for his own birthday) and it was fun. Harvynna was so excited that Asha was coming over. She even agreed to sleep in the afternoon so she will be fresh when they arrive.

It was quite interesting to see Rowena jealous of Asha. She was ok until I carried Asha. Then she started hitting Asha’s head and started to cry holding out her arms for me to carry her. I see she has picked up the hitting habit from her sister.

On Saturday, we attended Mary Anne’s 2nd birthday party at Kidsports Bangsar. We were really late as there was a bad jam, plus Harvynna threw up in the car all over her clothes. Don’t know what happened to her, but I was quite annoyed (terrible me- was in a bad mood due to the traffic jam). Luckily I brought a spare top for her, but she was very upset as she had worn a pretty top and had to change to the other one.

She really enjoyed herself at the party as she had been looking forward to it for 2 weeks. As usual, she insisted on standing right next to Mary Anne while cutting the cake. She does not really know Mary Anne as Mary Anne is my friend’s daughter, which we meet only once a year at birthday parties! Harvynna does this at all birthday parties, even adult birthday parties. There’s just something about blowing the candles on a birthday cake.

Can’t wait to see her in action at her own party.


huisia said...

Daddy so kasihan la..still masak for himself even on his big day..

I really love Harvynna's hair, natural pretty curl...

mom2ashley said...

hang on a min..isn't asha's mom (or the lady in the picture carrying the baby) a gym instructor? I used to go for her aerobics classes at fitness first!

jazzmint said...

oo...happy birthday!!!

rowena looks so cute, she's really getting prettier. love her eyes.

HMom said...

Hui Sia - hehe. Her hair is nice but takes very long to grow. This is her original hair - never cut since birth (except for the fringe)

Mom2Ashley - yes, it is. She stopped free lancing at other gyms when she got pregnant

Jazzmint - thank you!

Irene said...

Can't believe how much both of them has grown! And absolutely beautiful girls too.

Happy Birthdays to both beauties!

mommy of two angels said...

wow april really happppeennning...pening birthday month for you! first time visiting your blog, ur lil girls are soooo cute.

the girls must lurrve blowing all those candles.

shooi said...

Hello, Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your princesses are soooo lovely.

Happy Birthday princess!

Nadia said...

Kesian daddy... had to cook.. hehe..

Happy birthday to daddy and Harvynna and Rowena! Eh, did I get that right???

Both the girls are getting prettier each day! :)