Friday, September 21, 2007

updates on the girls

It has been awhile since i updated anything on the girls except for 'humpty dumpty had a great fall'! Lots of things have been happening and to top it all, I could not access blogspot in my office, so I could not blog hop as almost everyone has a blogspot account. Darn!

Rowena turns 17 months on Tuesday and she has been progressing real well. Her vocabulary has increased and I remember that at 16 months, Harvynna too started speaking more too. Her hair has grown (thank God) and is a real bundle of Joy. She has moved to Level 4 in Gymboree and loves the class. The thing is that she is very hyperactive now and climbs everywhere (hence the fall), runs everywhere and flashed her smile at you when you are angry.

I must go back to count how many teeth she has as they are not growing in order. I see one or 2 at the back, one or 2 in the middle somewhere.

Rowena understands us very well now and follows instruction to a T. When instructed, she will put her clothes in the laundry basket, pick up toys and put it in the toy box, go to her room at bedtime, feed her baby (doll). She can point to most parts of her body

She has got this 'nasal' voice when she talks and it sounds really cute. So I keep asking her to say all the words she can like:

cake (sounds more like kek)

box (sounds more like bok)


bus (sounds more like bah)

bun (also sounds like bah)

bread (sound like bed)



kitika (refers to one of the girls at the babysitters)



bobo (refers to diaper)

poo poo

pee pee


tota (refers to toyota)

bag (sounds more like back)

I keep asking her to say those words like a drill as I get a kick from listening to her nasal voice. Even Harvynna will ask her to do the drill.

Harvynna on the other hand is getting more matured. She talks more like an adult.

I started her on the Keyword series and has completed the first book. I have to crack my head to keep her occupied as she keeps asking for 'activities' to do.

Its fun to see the 2 of them playing together. At least with 2 girls, they can have cooking sessions, dress up sessions together.


Irene said...

they're gorgeous. at least, you can do cooking session with them. I'm hopeless in the kitchen. I'll send both my girls to their poh poh for kitchen duty then. LOL

Sasha said...

wow look at the words she can say and compare it to my big difference!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Rowena is one fast learner. Way to go girl!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

pretty girls :D I see harvyna is wearing the sexy top again ;D

jazzmint said...

wow she can speak a handful of words

BabyBooned said...

yeah they ARE gorgeous :D and pretty soon u'll have real cooking sessions in the kitchen; just you girls! how fun would that be!

Nadia said...

WOW!!! I'm very impressed! She can say sooooo many words. Unlike Irfan. Hehe.

And love the pics of 'em girls. Absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hmom--the photos are so sweet (smile)! And those sunglasses, what a cutie!