Monday, November 10, 2008

Vicious Rowena

I blogged earlier about Rowena a.k.a Dennis the Menace. She really has so much pent up energy that she releases it in weird ways. Now she whines non-stop for something she wants, and just yesterday, she was sitting on the sofa asking for cake or something, and when I refused to give it to her, she started pulling her hair out - literally.

And she bites and pinches and scratches and leaves nasty marks. Harvynna now has a nasty scratch on her face - courtesy of her sister. When I question Rowena, she will just fold her arms and say, 'Always angry with me, never sayang me'. 'I dont like mummy anymore. Yucky mummy' and then i get a nasty pinch.

We went to Asha's place over the weekend. The girls love going there as they think Asha and baby Rekha are their cousins and love spending time with them. Plus, they get to feast on Coke, Chips, nuggets to glory. Somehow, Rowena finds competition with Asha who is only 1 plus and has pushed her many time. Yesterday, she left a really bad scratch on her face and it is so obvious. I scolded her and asked her why she scratched Asha? All she said was' I did not scratch her. I just pinch her only'. I told her she wont be welcomed at their house anymore and she says' 'Never mind, I can go my own self'. Aagh!

Am hunting for some martial arts or gymnastics class for her for her to burn all those energy and channel it towards something useful!!


Health Freak Mommy said...

Your Rowena sounds a tad like Sherilyn my #2. When I scold her she will say “don’t show me your ugly face. I will tell daddy to beat you!” She drives me nuts everyday with her never ending whining and fussing.

BTW, reg your query in my blog on catering, yes, my hubby Alan is a caterer. Tables, chairs, canopies, etc. can be rented. I think d├ęcor is foc. You can call him at 019-266 4297 or office 03-7984 5793 (Catermate).


When I read this post, I got a shock! Cos I might know you after all! Cos I know Asha / Ammetta / Brandon!!!! Are you previously from Cardio Works too!!! Yippee!