Monday, March 13, 2006

23 Months!

Harvynna turned 23 months yesterday. In a months time, she will be 2 Years old! How time flies! Now that she is talking, it feels like she has been talking forever. She still looks like a baby when she sleeps, but when she is awake, the ‘Terrible 2’s’ look appears.

At 2, they are no longer a baby, but have a mind of their own. Yesterday, we asked her what she wants to do after dinner, and she replied, ‘ Go Sopping (shopping)!’Immediately after dinner, she ran to the door and said, ‘Mummy, get ready, lets go’ and was so excited to go out.

And, unfortunately, this little one has started to lie. When you ask her , where is xxxxx? (something she misplaced), she will reply, ‘Nana took it’ or ‘Aunty Philo took it’ or even ‘bird took it!!’ even though she knows she took it.

Some of Harvynna’s milestones at 23 months:

Weight – 16 kg

Eating habits
3 main meals and eating others food as well
Milk – 8 ozs 3-4 times a day
Likes chocolate items but does not like food that is too sweet (unlike mummy!)
Loves pasta, rice and noodles
Feeds herself and can use a spoon quite effectively
Can drink from a cup but still spills some out

Speaks in almost full sentences, grammar may not be right
can now name most of the familiar objects she uses
understands that everything has a name and can verbalize both the family name and first name of familiar people.
enjoys being read to and can follow simple stories.

likes to boss and order people around e.g. ‘Mummy, read a book AGAIN’, ‘Mummy, I want water now!
more communicative in expressing her feelings, desires, and interests e.g. ‘Harvynna tired’, ‘Daddy, lets go Bangsar’ or ‘ I don’t want mummy !
enjoys attention from an adult one at a time – its either Mummy or Daddy at a time
gives and receives love freely and expresses like and dislike very passionately
likes to talk and sing while she plays
makes up her own words( from things that happened) to songs
enjoys imitating speech and mimicking adult behavior.(picks up words from others)

Can put on clothing

Takes off clothes
understands concepts like sooner and later
Asks 'why' and 'what's this?'

Can name most body parts
Takes more of an interest in playing with other kids
Enjoys helping around the house
Washes and dries hands


mom2ashley said...

happy 23 months! time flies huh!

mom2ashley said...

happy 23 months!

Zara's Mama said...

Terrible two is round the corner! One more month to go!

jazzmint said...

whoaa...big girl liao!!! Can speak sentences and even make phrases of her own, hehe very creative :).

happy 23rd month :). So she's gonna be 2 yrs exactly when u deliver. cool

Irene said...

Happy 23 months. Your little girl is really cute. She sounds like so much fun!

HMom said...

Mom2Ashley & Irene: Thank you!

Zara's mama: hehe - think it has already started.

Jazzmint: ya, what a birthday present