Thursday, March 16, 2006

Terrible 2s

I was reading an article on 2 year olds, and they mentioned,

'As your toddler approaches the Terrible 2s, she may test your limits and misbehave more frequently. Her job is to see what kind of independence she is capable of at this time.
She is testing her independence, and needs to experience the boundaries safely within the context of your relationship. While it is her job to test, it is your job to non-emotionally enforce. '

I think that Harvynna hit the ‘terrible 2’s stage earlier (probably at 18 months) – this could be due to the other baby on the way but I noticed the symptoms increasing over the past few weeks. This includes:

- Refusing to sit in her car seat half way through the journey and insist on ‘I want to sit mummy lap’ while I am driving by whining and screaming and trying to open the seat belt.

- Refusing to hold my hand when walking to the car.

- Saying ‘no’ and ‘don’t want’ to everything when she actually wants it

- Running around public areas on her own and lying down on the floor to protest if we try to carry her

- Insisting on having her way and will kick up a fuss till she gets what she wants

- Biting

- Throwing her food on the floor from the high chair if she had enough

and the list goes on........

My little 'T2'


Zara's Mama said...

Wow wow wow.. is this what I should be expecting from Zara?

Some of the things she's already doing..

Refusing to sit in her car seat --> I just said NO, MUMMY DRIVING

Refusing to hold my hand when walking to the car --> I just stop, and said, if you don't want to hold mummy's hand, you are not going XXXX (Park or home or whatever).

The rest.. no solution yet..

Zara's Mama said...

Is this what I'm going to expect from Zara?

She's already doing some of them :
- Refusing to hold my hand when walking to the car -> I just stopped walking. Tell her if she's not holding my hands, we're not going wherever she wanted to go.

- Refusing to sit in her car seat --> I said NO. FULLSTOP.

The rest.. no solution yet.. if you have.. do share.

HMom said...

Zara's mama - sometimes the T2 starts early, but I guess it defers from child to child. I also have no solutions yet, still banging my head on the wall!

mom2ashley said...

yea i headr about that phase....oh no..i better enjoy my moments now

Irene said...

ah.. the joys of motherhood. I wonder if little boys do this too. My girl is starting to show "symptoms".

Aunty Chandra said...

The solution is be firm. They're also testing to see whether they can get round you.

Lazymama said...

My girl also started approaching terrible two!

Doesn't want to sit on the car seat!

Wanted to do everything on her own like feeding herself, brushing teeth and kick a fuss if mummy disallowed her to do so!

Lie on the floor and cry


chanelwong said...

it is true, they will do everything against our wish...for example, Jeriel used to say bye bye and call uncle aunty etc.

Now , he will choose whether he want to call...can be rude...

I also headache...

HMom said...

Mom2Ashley - its a phase they all go through. hehe - seize the moment now. I sometimes wonder how the sweet angel can be quite the monster.

Irene - i hear its worse in boys, but looking at Harvynna ..hmmm

aunty Chandra - ya, she's really testing us. Can see from her eyes!

Jefferene - looks like the lying on the floor is their trademark

HMom said...

Chanel - havent seen Jeriel for a long time. He should be 2 now right! Where have u been, btw?