Thursday, March 16, 2006

Shopping woes

Since Harvynna's 2nd birthday is about 3 weeks away, I have been looking around to get her a birthday outfit. Its so hard making a choice as girls clothings are really nice and cute, and you just feel like getting everything.

This year, I thought of getting her something more practical like a top and bottom instead of a dress since we are not doing much for her birthday this year since its too near my due date. We'll make up for it next year when we have a double celebration birthday.

Last year, I got a her party dress from Australia (as in the picture) which she only managed to use twice (once at her party and once at my cousins wedding). So for now, its just occupying space in her growing wardrobe. These party dresses are really nice, but may not be very practical for this weather.

Ended up buying some unecessary things from Bangsar Village for her like a pair of shorts and a sweet blue checked cotton top. I found a really cool long pants from Gymboree for her birthday . Bought a size 3T (for 3 years) and I could not wait to try it on her at home. I tugged and tugged to get it up and she kept saying 'tight' 'tight'. Finally got it on and it looked really cool. Then I asked her,'is the pant tight?' and she kept insisting 'no!' Looks like I have to buy size 4 or 5 for her from now on.

The shopping hunt will continue till I find the perfect outfit for her.


Zara's Mama said...

gymboree do clothes too?

chanelwong said...

boys clothing is simple but expensive. Jeriel's pants can be more expensive than his Papa...